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Diamond Right Hand Rings

Browse our exquisite collection of elegant Murano Glass Jewelry featuring Venetian and Murano Glass beads in both classic and modern designs. Spectrums delivers authentic Murano Glass Beads and Venetian Jewelry with sterling silver and 24kt vermeil inserts. Our Venetian beads are handcrafted and made in both the U.S and Italy.To complement your glass beads we offer sterling silver spacers, sterling locks, sterling necklaces and sterling earrings.Our Murano Glass Jewelry is the highest in quality in both design and finish.View our Murano Glass Bead Jewelry Collection.

Zable® is the latest and greatest in the world of Murano glass beads and sterling silver charms. Our sterling silver beads interchange to form a unique piece of jewelry. The Murano beads slide right onto the starter jewelry so that anyone can easily create their own collection. With over 600 styles to choose from, no two collections are the same.Visit us for the largest selection of Venetian beads anywhere! Everyone's jewelry tells a unique story.

Trust Spectrums for Genuine Venetian and Murano Glass beads.Developed by Zoppini Firenze, All of our Murano glass beads and silver jewelry is manufactured in Italy of the highest quality. Our best selling Murano glass beads are unparalled in detail and beauty. Direct importers of Venetian Glass Beads and Murano Glass Beads in 24kt gold foil and .925 sterling silver.

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Your Wedding Rings

Choosing your wedding rings can be challenging. This is a statement of lifetime commitment and the perfect wedding ring search may be an exhaustive task. We offer the best quality, price, and selection of wedding rings in 18kt, 14kt, 10kt gold and platinum. We have an extensive line of wedding rings, wedding ring bands, engagement rings, bridal wedding rings, diamond wedding rings, anniversary wedding rings, and platinum wedding rings. Specialty wedding ring jewelry includes Celtic wedding rings, hand-woven wedding rings, titanium weddings rings, white gold wedding bands, and eternity rings. Click her to see our full line of wedding rings

Your engagement ring options include timeless and contemporary sets with a 60,000 loose diamond catalog to fit your style and budget, and a wide array of finished diamond solitaire engagement ring fashion styles to choose from. Click here for a full line of engagement wedding rings

Platinum wedding bands and Platinum wedding rings are made to last. Our wedding bands are made of 95% pure platinum and will not fade or tarnish and keep their looks for a lifetime. See our full line of platinum wedding bands

Diamond wedding rings are beautiful, and at Spectrums, affordable! All diamond wedding ring designs are available in white gold, yellow gold, platinum, and most in two-tonegold combination. See our full line of wedding rings

Celtic wedding rings which display Celtic knot work are trending. A Celtic wedding band set contains one of the strongest symbols of marriage in existence today. Many believe the interwoven ring designs display the unbroken links of generations; illustrating the interlacing of the bride's and groom's families. Let these magnificent wedding ring jewelry sets become your family heirloom wedding rings for your future generations. Consult us for the perfect match. See a our full line of Celtic wedding rings

Etruscan wedding bands and jewelry are in revival. Only the great jewelry styles are reborn, including the unique wedding ring styles of the ancient Etruscans. The mysterious Etruscans developed their own art of granulation, a technique using fine gold grain shot to create artistic, delicate patterns on rings. The Etruscan process been recreated and is being used to fashion finely crafted wedding jewelry today. See our full line of Etruscan wedding bands

A wedding anniversary band is a recommitment and testimony to your love and faith in your relationship. Choose from many finished anniversary set diamonds in gold and platinum wedding bands. See our full line of wedding anniversary bands

Religious wedding bands are a statement of devotion and faith, they are also ideal as wedding anniversary ring alternatives. These bands are available in 14kt yellow gold, white gold or platinum. See our full line of religious wedding bands

Hand-braided wedding bands are trending. This woven wedding band collection is available in 14kt yellow gold, white gold, two-tone gold and platinum. Make a bold statement with these beautifully crafted designer bands. See our full line of hand braided-wedding rings

Journey Diamond Jewelry Collection symbolizes how love intensifies and grows stronger as two people evolve together and their commitment becomes more meaningful over time. To mark the days and accomplishments shared, or to celebrate a special moment and make it last a lifetime, a diamond jewelry presentation in graduated diamond sizes is a special selection. See our journey diamond jewelry collection

Pearls never go out of style, but this season pearls aren't just in style, they are "hot". Pearls have become very versatile and have been fashionable for women for ages. See our full line of Freshwater, Akoya, Tahitain as well as our newest collection Blue Iris Pearls.

Love is a powerful emotion that brings people together in a special partnership. When life brings you close to a special person who you feel deep in your heart is "the one", celebrate love and the prospect of marriage with one of our precious engagement rings.

Following the engagement, prepare for moving forward into a committed partnership through a gesture such as the purchase of a matching set of wedding rings.

Spectrums Jewelry is an online jewelry store that caters to buyers of every budget. We offer the widest selection of wedding bands and wedding rings from a single source. From plain designed wedding rings to hand engraved or hand woven unique designs in Platinum, 18kt gold and 14kt gold. We also carry a large selection of diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, two tone wedding bands, diamond anniversary bands, diamond eternity wedding rings and other fine jewelry pieces.

A common belief as to why people wear their wedding bands or engagement rings on their left hands is that the majority of people are right handed, thus making it less likely to damage the ring.

When you consider buying a ring, choose from the selection at Spectrums, including beautiful diamond wedding rings, wedding bands, and engagement bands. Each precious stone should be evaluated as a single piece.
With the gift of the right ring, including one of our diamond wedding rings, you can express your love forever. Your careful investment should reflect the deep thought you give to the process of commemorating your engagement, marriage, or special occasion.

Our jewelry store is a one-stop shop for value and quality. We bring partners instant access to a blissful online marketplace. Dare to express the bliss you feel for another person.
We will work hard to ensure that you are not disappointed!

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